About us

About us:
Dang Gia Mechanics and Construction.,JSC
 was established by the certificate of business registration number: 0103754295 by Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi on 21 May 04, 2009 (registration modified 2 days 05.26.2015)

Dang Gia is built by a team of experienced in the field of heavy equipment hire equipment hire, purchase and sale of imported industrial equipment and have extensive experience in serving large projects in the country and abroad.

Especially, with a team of skilled and experienced technicians and technicians, Dang Gia always satisfies all customer needs and builds a strong reputation in the heavy equipment industry. In general and crane brand Dang Gia in particular.

Deng Jia's top priority is human and equipment so all of our equipment safety systems are always up-to-date, ensuring the manufacturer's specifications and international standards. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment is carried out periodically by experienced technicians to ensure that the equipment remains in the best performing and safest condition.

Most of Dang Gia equipment are imported from countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, Singapore .... By the big firms: Kato, Liberherr, Sumitomo, Tadano, Krupp, Demag, Kobelco ....

The main partners from Singapore and other countries such as: ADVANCE EQUIPMENT SERVICE, SNL LOGISTICS PTE LTD, LIAN HUP BROTHERS PTE., HIAPTONG TRADING PTE. LTD ...

Versatility, flexibility in business:
- Trading, equipment brokerage: Trading in specialized machine equipment with customers directly from Singapore, Germany, Japan, South Korea ..., with a wide selection of equipment rich;

   - Rental service for cranes, self-propelled cranes, forklifts, forklifts, excavators;

   - Transportation business, super-drag, super-weight equipment.

l customers include Clients and Partners:

Co. HALLIM precision vina, Co. CICO, Attracting 69.1 Company, Attracting 69.2 Company, Company Waterway Hawaco ...